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This is how the system administration used to work at the University of Karlskrona-Ronneby! Especially when I was working there as a SysAdmin

I used to be a normal(?) Software Engineering student. I'll never make it through now that I've got a job and so, but at least I can say that I've tried!

I've been working on Datorenheten at the University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby between february and December 1996.
My main work assignments were usual sysadmin doings(removing accounts and beeing
mean to the users), user support, technical work(Gee don't you just love to work inside
computers that are running?) and newsmaster. Oh, I forgot the most important of all,
I was responsible for the nameserver at hk-r.se too.
I used to be an employee at Tele2/SWIPNet, one of Swedens largest Internet Providers.
What I was doing there? Umm.. well.. UNIX stuff... :-)
Between September 1st 2000 and May 5th 2006 I was working as a System Specialist at Sun Microsystems AB in Sweden.

From May 8th 2006 I was working as a Test-engineer at Packetfront.
But I grew tired of that pretty soon, and ended up back at Sun Microsystems as a Storage Support Engineer on the 2nd of April 2007
In 2010 Sun Microsystems was absorbed by Oracle, so I worked at Oracle as a Unified Storage backline Support Engineer until November 2016, when I was laid off due to reductions in force.
Fortunately I already had a new employment lined up, so in December 2016 I joined B3IT, now B3 Consulting Group
Due to new plans I only stayed at B3 for roughly a year, I moved to Dalarna and Borlänge in September 2017, and in January 2018 I started at A HREF=http://www.trafikverket.se/>Trafikverket as a Linux operatiosn engineer. To this day that is still my job.

I was born in Jönköping, Sweden the year 1973. Jönköping is located in the beautiful swedish landscape called Småland

Physical address:
Adam Rappner
Nat: 070 - *SECRET*
Int: +46 70 *SECRET*

E-mail:ace at ace.pp.se

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